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vl, bpt, sl, hfa, acd, t, gf, y, e, wus, f, msu, 8, oje, k6b, 1w, 35, t9g, Parcel Force Shipping |
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Sea container delivery was the first shipping method used by logistic companies because of its multiple engines

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Our freight trucks will transport your shipment easily through the continent only. 100% security is guaranteed

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This is the fastest option to send and receive your shipments no matter where you are located at…


These are a few simple steps to request, process and receive your shipment. All the unnecessary complications are going to be taken care of by our specialists.


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Ceo & Founder Frobo, LLC

Wolrd Transfreightage Security has been amazing for the growth of our business from start to finish. They walked us through all our shipping options with clarity and 100% transparency. Customer service and availability are superb.”


Andrew M. Lanter
Ceo & Founder Frobo, LLC

Blue Ridge Home Fashions, Inc.

We are thoroughly pleased with the constant attention given to our account, and this company, especially Martin Marin, ensures smooth and efficient customs clearance and delivery – we would definitely recommend using World Transfreightage Security for any and all of your shipping needs”.


Jolene Aeschliman
Blue Ridge Home Fashions, Inc.

CipherWaste Polymers

My experience with World Transfreightage security has been of good service and compliance. They are always checking the status and following up all our shipments. Customs clearance is on time and we never have to rush. Thank you!“



Elizabeth Pineda
CipherWaste Polymers